Westrigg Windfarm

Westrigg Windfarm:

This project is one of our more versatile projects which can be delivered over 3 days or over 5 days. It can also be delivered remotely.
The participants create a  3 dimensional structure from 2 dimensional drawings by taking on functional roles within their construction company to deliver a functioning Windfarm and power house which will generate electricity by the final day of the project. The windturbine requires foundations to be excavated and a concrete foundation poured. The turbine column requires to be constructed and then positioned on the foundations with the HV cable running up to where the turbine will be fitted. The HV cable then runs through the foundations and along an excavated trench to where the Power House has to be constructed on a level base. The electrics are installed inside the powerhouse and connected up to the turbine head which has to be built. A series of solar panels are added to the roof of the Power House offering a back up renewables energy supply.
Pre Site work:
  • Health and Safety briefings
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Daily Activity Briefings
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Cost Control
  • Estimating
  • Quality Control
  • Planning
This project involves:
  • Site investigation work
  • Environmental issues
  • Renewables
  • Innovation
  • Setting out
  • Excavation
  • Trenching
  • Steel fixing
  • Formwork manufacturing
  • Concrete
  • Fabrication
  • Wiring
  • Working at Height
  • PV solar panels
  • Electrics
All our projects ensure that the participants further develop their transversal skills throughout the experiential learning activity in which they not only turn their theory into practice they enhance their own employability skills

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