David Sibbald

Acting Chairman

Director since 2010

I am David Sibbald MBE and have been involved in construction since 1973. At that time I rebuilt an old JCB digger and hired myself driving the machine to local contractors. I continued to build up the plant hire business, and in the 1980’s we started training our own employees in the safe and efficient use of construction machinery. The training part of the business flourished and since then we have become one of the main companies delivering courses on Health & Safety in Scotland. It was while I was on the board of Stow College in Glasgow in about 2008 that I became aware of Constructionarium – now known as ConStructEd. Since it was brought to Scotland in 2010, ConStructEd has been of great interest to me. I have always been keen to see young (and sometimes not so young) people progressing their knowledge and experience in the world of construction, and ConStructEd ticks all those boxes.

Dale Lyon

Director since 2010

My name is Dale Lyon and I have been a Director of ConStructEd since it first came to Scotland whilst I was Chairman of the Concrete Society Scotland Region. I now run my own Company which develops and delivers experiential learning activities across Europe. I currently host the onsite project weeks and have found that we deliver so much more to the learning of the participants than putting their theory into practice. We create an experience like no other as we take the students on a journey of discovery as they are challenged and taken out of their comfort zones enhancing their Transversal Skills and Employability.

Brian Currie

Director since 2019

My name is Brian Currie and I am currently a director of ConStructEd. This appointment gives me great personal pleasure as it allows me to put back some of the experience I have gained since starting on site in Civil Engineering back in 1993. I became involved with ConStructEd back in 2010 (known then as Constructionarium) and my employer at the time thought it would be a good Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda item. I soon discovered it was so much more. The chance to work with prospective employees in the same field and support their learning was fantastic and led to fostering long lasting relationships with students, universities and colleges and similar businesses alike. The site team activity weeks we were involved with over the 10yrs or so were very rewarding and allowed for development of our own people as well as fostering relationships outwith our direct business contacts. It has led to a much greater belonging and I am very grateful for the opportunity to support ConStructEd and see where we can take this.

Lloyd Walker

Director since 2021

My name is Lloyd Walker and I have over 8 years of highways engineering experience specialising in surface water drainage design and extensive experience of working with Non-Motorised User (NMU) Groups (Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding (WCH)) in relation to scheme assessment and design. I have worked on several multi-million-pound large-scale infrastructure projects, producing technical notes, and evaluations of design proposals. In addition to looking at design and construction monitoring at various stages of construction including the operations and maintenance (O&M). Whilst at University, I had found myself at a cross roads and unsure if I wanted to pursue a career in civil engineering and decided to take part in the first ConstructEd (Constructionarium) to be held in Scotland and I have never looked back the opportunity to put learning into practice was pivotal in helping me to complete my degree and pursue my current career path. I am keen to help develop and foster this learning and bring my enthusiasm to ConstructEd.